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Lyons Real Estate Inc.

4575 Via Royale #206
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
(239) 560-6164
“Pride in Property Management”
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Our office charges 2 fees for managing property: A tenant finder fee and a small percentage each month based on the monthly rent amount. The fee percentage ranges from a 8 to 10%. Owners are never charged for renewals or inspections or up-charged on maintenance/repairs. Our company will never nickel and dime!!!

All Security Deposits are given to and held by our owners, not our office. Tenants pay rent online through our software: which is preferred. If they opt to write a personal check or pay by cashier’s check or money order, the payment MUST be mailed. Cash is never accepted.

We keep owners and tenants informed via our website, by phone call, email or text message. Stop by to speak with a leasing professional during our office hours: 10am-4pm Monday through Friday. Our staff is accessible by phone/email 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Our tenants are reminded regularly how important it is for them to maintain a nice appearance of your property to avoid code violations and neighbor complaints. They are instructed to always keep the area inside and out clean and free of litter. Our tenants report any maintenance issues immediately and in writing preferred. To avoid unnecessary service calls our website has several short videos that will help our tenants troubleshoot/repair minor issues before request that we send someone out. The videos cover things like resetting a GFI, changing a toilet flapper, proper care of well and septic equipment, etc.

Our tenants know, that per their lease, all repairs up to $100 are up to them to pay for. This ensures our tenants pride and responsibility in their home. We want them to take care of their home as if they owned it.

After hours EMERGENCIES are reported to Mike Lyons directly. Our staff coordinates any repair appointments that might be necessary to accommodate our tenants with our trusted, experienced group of vendors. All our vendors are licensed and insured and give us the best price for repairs based on the volume of business they get from our company. Our vendors then communicate directly with our tenants when setting their appointments. Our owners are informed of any major repairs as they come up so there are never any surprises at month end when we send our owners draws after rent is collected.

Our owners can expect their rent money less our management fee (and repairs, if any) by the 20th of every month. If there are additional questions you have about anything not covered here, give us a call.

Lyons Real Estate Inc.